Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swimming in Wrapping Paper

June was filled with birthday party planning. Ella turned 8 and Lauren made the big 1!!!! My babies are growing!

I have tried writing this a few times, and I can never come up with the right words.  I never have been a writer.  So I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Ella's party:
Her Banner I made using scrapbook paper, cardstock, cardboard letters from the scrapbook section for stencils and an exacto knife.

The cake:
I cheated and bought from Publix.  But I did add the pretty "E"....Am I not the best "E" cake writer ever?  Ha!

I made these fa-boose tutus for the girls

And Lauren's hat (sorry this picture is blurry, but chubby, naked baby is too cute to not share:

Lauren's Party:
I can't believe my baby is 1!!!!!!  

Her banner:
The cupcake toppers made with 1 7/16" circle punch and 1 7/8" scalloped edge circle punch.  I used card stock for the back and I printed "1", "Happy Birthday", and "L" on just regular paper.  Though, next time I will probably just use card stock.  That was my intentions, but I got lazy and didn't feel like walking upstairs to the printer and loading it.  I know, I know...that's pathetic!
 And I couldn't find long picks long enough for cupcakes.  I'm sure someone more professional would know better where to find them.  I used bamboo skewers I had laying around the house and cut them to the length I needed.  PERFECT!!!!

I also made these yummy chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles.  Melt chocolate chips (I used the kind you get from craft stores that look like little discs).  Insert a lollipop stick into the marshmallow and dip into melted chocolate and then keep twisting to get the extra out (if you have patience, which I do not).  Then sprinkle with sprinkles.  Insert into a styrofoam cone (I sprayed painted mine bright pink).  If you have the space, it's best to refrigerate.  Ok, that's how you do it to make it easy.  As you can see from the picture below, I did not do this.  I lack patience.  So, I dipped them in chocolate and put sprinkles.  After, I put it on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and put in the fridge.  They don't turn out as pretty though.
And finally, her outfit:

Her hat:

The hat I made from a package of hats that I got from Target for $1.  I covered the hat with scrapbook paper (first undo the hat and use it as a pattern to cut the scrapbook paper).  I just stapled it to the hat (remember, lazy).  For the frill....I used some left over tulle (from 6" tulle ribbon) and cut it in a 3" wide strip.  Unfortunately, I don't know how long it was.  I just made it really long to make sure I had enough.  I used my favorite ruffling technique (using the highest thread tension setting on my sewing machine with the longest straight stitch).  I just stapled that down to the hat.  I used card stock to do the "1".  Hint:  I just printed off "1" on my computer in the mirror image from the "Curlz" font.  (Does that last sentence make sense?)  Now, that I actually took time to glue down.  The ribbon for the ties, I again just stapled.  Voila...done!

The smash cake was a disaster.  A week before this party, she had an allergic reaction to eggs which resulted to a trip to the ER.  I was going to get Publix to make her a small plain cake that I was going to dress up, but their icing it made with egg whites (BOO).  And everyone uses eggs.  So I had to make my own, and well, to say it was ugly, would be a compliment.  

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