Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where's the posts?

Have you ever had an unexpected visitor to your house and been thoroughly embarrassed? I must admit, I'm not the best housekeeper. I can usually whip it into shape within an hour if I must, but if you were to just "pop" in, you would probably find me in my pjs, oily hair piled on top of my head, and dishes piled mile high...and possibly (ok, not possibly, but surely) 10 piles of laundry. So last week when a neighbor insisted on seeing our ENTIRE house, it was time to get busy.

We bought our house last March. I was 7 months pregnant when we finally moved in. We bought a builder foreclosure, so there was so work to be done on the house. After spending a month doing the work and a couple of weeks to move in, we were DONE, DONE, DONE! We still have unpacked boxes. We still have many projects left undone (hello raw drywall in the master bathroom). Um, the boxes of cabinets in the garage, yeah, the garage that I was so happy to be able to park in, yep, cabinets still in them waiting to be put up, so the junk in the garage can go in them, so that I can park my car. So needless to say, our house is unorganized. So when cleaning, things just get stuff here and there and everywhere.

So if you're wondering where I have been? Well, I've been organizing...and taking a break and three more breaks! I have worked on a few projects, but none are completely finished. I will be back soon to share my love for Modge Podge!

Till then, happy day! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

A package from home

My mom is the greatest! There are times, like Mardi Gras, that I miss living in Louisiana. King Cake- YUM-O!

Making Valentine Goodies

This isn't my original idea, but after spending all day running around doing errands and having Ella's talent show, I had to come up with something different.

My original idea was to take these flower hair clips that I made and put them onto cards that we were going to stamp to look like a flower garden. I was going to put a slit into the card and attach the clip. A Valentine card and hair clip all in one. But I ran out of time.

So instead, we did this:
And then clipped the flower onto the ribbon and added a small note.

I used the crochet flower found in this tutorial and attached it to a clip that I lined with ribbon and attached a little button! Wednesday, I crocheted 20 flowers (I'm new to crocheting, so it is still time consuming for me) and Thursday, I spent making the hair clips. I was in a panic as I was running out of time and needed to get to the talent show. We got back late and I had to finish these up. At 11:00 (I have a 7 month old who still refuses to sleep, so I try to get all the sleep I can get...and I was EXHAUSTED), the news came on. With 3 left to go, I hear on the news that schools would be closed on Friday. Darn!

C'est la vie!

PS: Still mad I didn't get to do my original idea. It would have been CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! :(

Monday, February 8, 2010

Say what?!?!

I always come up with these not gonna happen dreams. "I'm going to be some great fashion designer!" "Oh, I know, how about a Primatologist." One day it was Interior Designer. I can never make up my mind. Because every day, I change what I want to be when I finally grow up, I have learned to keep my ideas to myself.

The other day, I decided to finally tell my husband that I started a blog. When I tell him what I think is an unique name (and I'm so NOT creative...I "re-create"), he just bursted out in laughter. "How'd ya come up with that one? Lauren farted in the tub?" Uh, so yeah, ruin what I thought was a cool name! Never really thought of yeah tub farts!

Til next time,

A gift for a princess


My friend's daughter was turning three. So I just had to make her something! I spent no less than an hour trying to find the perfect font for my "c". After spending most of my time online trying to find new and exciting fonts, I just settle for one very simple, basic font that was already on my computer,Arial Black. I enlarged it to 500 pt (I think that's what it's called) and used the lower case "c", and voila done! I fused the "c" to the shirt using Steam-A-Seam 2 Fusible Fabric Iron On, and then used a basic zig-zag stitch to secure it to the shirt.

Since my friend's little girl was turning 3, I used one of my daughter's old 3T skirts and measured the waist and the length. Then I added an inch to each measurement to allow for seams. I cut out my rectangle. Because I was doing an elastic waist and was wanting it to flare...this is ALL WRONG! I needed to add a few inches onto the waist.

In the end, the skirt was way too big in the waist, and fit alright in the legs; however, for a 3 year old, she really needed to have more room to be able to be a kid! So this week, I'm re-making her a skirt. I'll try to take pictures along the way to share. :)

I also made her a crochet flower clip for her hair. There is a great video tutorial on how to make a crochet flower here. The smaller one is using double crochet and the larger one is using triple crochet. I got a tube of buttons from Hobby Lobby and found this little pearl one that worked just perfect!


And here's the little princess wearing her new outfit.